A Heart-Worming Tale
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date January 31,2012
Written by Matt Burnett & Ben Levin
Directed by Michael Robison
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Wyatt, Lyle, and Dante ignore Angie. They bring cupcakes for everyone, except for her, and they leave her to make Wyatt's King George The III costume for their project. She, then, finds a worm hole inside her house that is connected to the school and uses it to get to school before the girls and she uses it to get her projects form her room. The guys eventually finds the portal and has an intervention with her. They forgive her for not telling her about the portals and finds another one in her room that leads to the HQ. They find more portals in the HQ and they decide to use them. Angie figures out that something is making the holes, but no one believes her. Then Wyatt realizes that he is being a bad friend and believes Angie. Then they figure out that a worm is going through the worm holes. They tell the guys but they don't believe them. They the guys and Max get stuck in the portal. Angie and Wyatt are able to get them out by turning the worm's hoe back to normal.