Season 1, Episode 1
Air date January 24, 2012
Written by Derek Guiley &

David Schneiderman

Directed by Michael Rohl
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A Heart-Worming Tale
Barbarian is the first episode of the first season of Level Up. It aired Janurary 24 ,2012 with no commercials.


Lyle, Wyatt, and Dante find a barbarian and decides to keep him. It seems like a good idea until he shows up at school. They decide to name him Bob and everything is fine, because he helps they with their school troubles. He comes to school with Angie and gets mad at the teacher for calling barbarians neatherthals. They decide to bard him, but ot doesn't work. They have to bring hi to HQ and bring him back through the portal. Wyatt helps Max Ross fix the portal , but Angie show up and does not want to let him go. She fights over him until this wifecomes form the game and takes him back into the game.


Angie needs a new dance partner, but Reggie quits on her and Wyatt doesn't want to be her dance partner because of a dancing incident when he was younger. She decides to use Bob, because no one else will. Everything goes fine, until the boys want to bard him because hehad a fit in class. She goe to the HQ to win him back, but his wife comes and takes him away. Because Wyatt wanted Bob to stay at her house, Wyatt has to owe her a favor. The favor is that he has to do the dance with her. In the end they do te dance, but Wyatt is embarrased.