Romantic Interests:

Angie (possible crush)

Portrayed by:

Connor Del Rio

Dante is one of the four main protagonists in the show. He is shown to be somewhat gross, ie. he eats various types of weird foods, he has a collection of dead skin, etc. He is shown to be good friends with Angie out of the whole group.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Angie: She is the closet to Dante. They seems to joke around with each other a lot. They make jokes of other people and help each other out when it is needed. (To see more about their relationship see Dangie.)

Wyatt: He is friends with Dante and is sometimes grossed out by him. They sometimes get into fights, because of their different views on things.

Lyle: He is one of Dante friends. They get along well, and always have similar ideas. Lyle interacts with Dante more than most of the characters.
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