Sir Bickle is Dante's character in Maldark: Conqueror Of All Worlds. He has spiky blonde hair and has two weapons strapped to his back. His primary weapon is the Skullcracker. He is a Shiny Knight. He has green and yellow armor. He is able to kill enemies (depending on how powerful) by just kicking them.

Class - Shiny Knight

Level - 67 (as shown in movie)

Primary Weapon - Skullcracker

Secondary Weapon - Axe

Third Weapon - Sword

Notes Edit

  • Sir Bickle is a honorable knight in the game, but Dante is a bad student.
  • He never actually uses the axe or sword.
  • His sword has a classic hilt and is sheathed in a case on his back.
  • Dante doesn't like doing missions which is the result of him being level 67. Like in Wanted at the end when the gang was talking about trying a challenge Dante said they should buy a dragon but it would cost alot of money. And in Leveling Up Dante didn't dig for gold so he didn't Level Up.
  • Dante is only good at fighting.