This is the pairing of Wyatt and Angie in the show Level Up!


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Wyatt and Angie

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Close Friends

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Angie and Wyatt always seem to get along. That's why they are best friends or maybe it'll turn into something else later on. Why not, they did kiss in the movie. Maybe a little bit more will happen later on. You never know!

Wangie Moments


  • Near the end of the movie, they kissed.
  • Wyatt was willing to risk his life to save Angie when she was trapped in the portal, showing that he would do anything for her.
  • Wyatt decided not to leave without Angie.
  • Angie did not seemed to be lied to, especially, by Wyatt.
  • They seem a little embarrased after Lyle and Dante came to find them, like maybe they would of talked about what happened

Season 1Edit


  • When Angie was having a fight with Reggie Wyatt was staring at her with concern.
  • Angie chooses Wyatt, first, to be her new dance partner.
  • Angie looks sad when Wyatt says he doesn't want to be her dance partner.
  • Angie begs Wyatt to be her dance partner, almost exlpecting him to say yes, like a boyfriend would do.
  • Angie really wanted Wyatt to be her dance partner, because she said, "I'm not taking no for an answer."
  • Angie seems dissapointed that Wyatt ran away from her.
  • Angie chose "Bob" as her dance partner after Wyatt, proving she really didn't want to ask anyone else and she was really desperate.
  • Angie still wanted Wyatt to be her dance partner after all that happened.

A Heart-Worming TaleEdit

  • Most of Angie and Wyatt scenes are together

Wanted (bonus episode with DVDEdit

  • Angie says that if the guys don't want to be Wyatt's friend, it's their loss.
  • Angie is the first one to believe that Wyatt is telling the truth about the leak

Blast a ton 2.0Edit

  • Angie is se. Mh svagf