Romantic Interests:

Angie (possibly)

Portrayed by:

Gaelan Connell

Wyatt is one of the four main protagonist in the new show Level Up! He is shown to have trouble with the ladies. It looks as if he could have a future relationship with Angie. Wyatt's hobbies are Quiz Bowl and Nerding Out. Wyatt is a brilliant techno-geek with perfect grades. He may be a nerd in the real world, but he's a force to be reckoned with in the game.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

  • Angie Angie seemed to know Wyatt before the movie because when they bumped into each other they seemed to recognize each other. Near the end of the movie she kissed Wyatt after he saved her.It is not known if later on in the show they will be a couple (not much can be inferred from the previews) They seemed to be cool after they defeat Maldark in the movie. (For more on their relationship see Wangie)
  • Lyle Lyle is one of Wyatt's partners in the game Level Up. Before Lyle was popular in high school, Wyatt and Lyle used to be good friends. Wyatt and Lyle are still good friends, when they are out of school, and Wyatt gives a pep talk to him during the movie. That allowed him to be able to stand up for himself.
  • Dante Dante and Wyatt are not very close in the beginning of their friendship, but Dante was the only one to be convinced by Wyatt's speech that was given. They seem to be good friends now.


Wyatt's video game avatar is Black Death and his weapon is the Blast-a-Ton. His Blast-a-Ton shoots out various items and blasts that is sometimes helpful to the group. But sometimes, it blasts out random things. When he got his Blast-a-Ton 2.0 he became very bossy and mean to his teammates. It was turned into the Blast-aTon 2.5 because the other one had glitches.
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